world cup

if u can’t defeat join mycase him  aka my Dh,

I am not a big fan of sports , but i was a sportswoman myself and have 3 medals in sprints….hehehe

Since Dh insists in watching world cup I decided to join him.But the finals have gotten me breaking into sweats.The referee os doing a bad job IMHO .He shd have given a red card once  but he didn’t.Many more errors like that , I agree with commentators.

So I support the Spanish team .

But the sweating has left me wishing I had retreated to the bedroom and knitted as usual 🙂

Meanwhile Dh is keeping a safe distance 4m  on the couch,why? I tend to hit ,pinch ,push real rough when excited  hahaha.

Sh is thinking I am hurting her dad…


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