DH says he will eat only 2 chappathis for lunch.Now he comes home late  at night with nothing to eat in between .He ‘d rather have his head blown than listen to me .

So….I make chappthis as big as a paper towel and  switch on world cup on TV .He ‘s satisfied he eats only 2 ,so am I .

But I very innocently   tell him I am worried he eats only 2 …why do I get this perverse pleasure in fooling him 🙂


2 responses to “Trick

  1. My goodness you are just like my mom, she used to make me eat these thick dosas and chapatis and huge idlis because I only ate one of everything. It was only after I got married and left home that I found out her secret!!!! As long as he’s eating enough, I say let the tricks continue, hehehe!!

  2. one of everything ..OMG ! i used 2 eat 10 idlis really .i love idlis
    ur mom is smart 🙂 when sh grows up i will use this on her

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