pick your battles

  • ok u want a lollilop/chocolate/insert any sweet/salty snack  here if u r to sit in the carseat ,fine u can have it i  will take it away again at the end of journey anyway
  • u won’t allow me to change diaper  okay in a shirt time it will fall donw anyway
  •   U wont goto bed early ok by me u will feel tired n sleepy in school tomorrow
  • u want play in the inflatable pool all day fine u will come running after a while saying its cold
  • u wont drink milk from cup/straw/ any normal toddler way (she has overcome her aversion ,i know because when in school she drinks  with straw) ok as long as u drink milk
  • u want to put sand all over ur head inspite of repeatedly saying no n timeout warnings…hmm its good sensory activity perhaps u need it,will get a thorough scrubbing down when u come home no matter hom u protest
  • u will stalk  shower all your affections on one particular toddler and get yelled a by his/him sis/bro etctec.. a good lesson for you  to learn ,I ”ll be right there if u want comfort
  • u refuse to sit in the high chair  and eat  or play with toys we got u ,at the restaurant , instead want to run madly pace around looking like a toddler supervisor …fine its noisy anyway (see we are the couple everyone complain about  in their blog ) i will still enjoy the food .

2 responses to “pick your battles

  1. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable toddler and a really happy one at that. I wish I were little so I could play in the sand again:)

  2. she is very reasonable with me 🙂

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