Boost is a drink I got to know from another preemie mom’s blog and I decided to try this for Sh .Every day before she goes to school she drinks this but from a feeding bottles.When her dad is not there I make her drink from the probiotic straw it comes with .I put the YouTube link and tell her is she won’t drink from straw ,then no milk for her.Or else I promise to take her to the park and I do it.

she drinks without any problem

It is an aweosme drink ,previously we used to give her pediasure everyday in the morning and night we give her  Horizon .She used to come home tired ,but with this she does not look tired she is talktative energetic and her skin looks good.

A bonus is the straw.Also the calories are higher which of course she needs being a skinny kid .

So here if you feel kids needs an extra boost try this


2 responses to “Boost

  1. I should look for this (haven’t seen it at our regular grocery store). Does it come in a plain version or only chocolate?

    I remember drinking the Indian Boost as a kid where you mix the powder into the milk, yummy!!!!

  2. we used to buy from amazon but very recently I am seeing it being stocked in target near baby food like Enfamil etctc

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