Dh has taken Sh to july 4th celebs ..after a lot of emotional blackmailing  cajoling ..ha.

so here i was at home and reading theese blogs of ladies knitting crocheting from india ..I am AMAZED..they are so talented I am not amazed because I thought they were not talented but because inspite of not having options like we have here chain stores like michaels ..just a stone throw’s away where u can buy any craft item ..they do so well.Again amazed at how resourceful they all are with no acess to library books ,  the craft these wonderful women do 2k my breath away .I do have an idea but I won’t reveal it now .

 The kids wear crochet dresses have crochet /knit bags so cute ..they bake bread ,muffins ..ALL round talented mommies .Hope I get  to meet any one of them atleast

hats off


2 responses to “Blogs

  1. Yay, you got some time to yourself!!! Seriously, these ladies amaze me – they manage to do all of this and still be doting wives and mothers and some of them work full time too – amazing women!!!

  2. exactly they r very talented .

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