Awesome deals

If Dh were a woman he would be the woman who lived in a shoes meant for his child.Yes ,he has an obsession for buy her shoes sandals what not .from the time she has worn shoes it has always been robeez  or stride rite simply  because I read in message boards that they were good .Also it was within our  price range  since I have flat feet ,I am worried she will end up like me .

I 2 have always spent more on comfy shoes all my life ,no heels for even tho I am just 5’2  so the same line of thought for my daughter too.Just a couple of   months before ( max 4 mos I think )back I bought 2 shoes for her from stride rite  one in a bigger size to account for growth.

again Dh said lets buy shoes  for her  I said No .But he needs sandals(that man never ever buys anything ) so we went to Bass  and while he was browsing I decided to give him some time and space and took Sh out  .Stride rite was right next door and Sh was being such a good sport I bought toddler tech stride rite for her 🙂this one to be exact  🙂

Then I bought a pair of jeans for Sh from Gap  it was just $12.00 and shopping was done !!!

Did c a pot in kitchen collections but I decided Ihave 2 many pots and too little storage space anyway so skipped it .


4 responses to “Awesome deals

  1. Heyy there:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!Woww the recipes on ur sidebar and making me drool!!hehee
    ur little one is veryy cute!

  2. I am always looking for new food recipes for my Sweet heart(Sh) and I liked urs vey much ,so thank you 🙂

  3. Those sandals are super cute!! I’m all for girly stuff for girls, so I think that’s a winner:) Jeans for 12 bucks, what a steal!!!

  4. hehehehe 🙂 ,i scored huh!!!

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