Toddler times

How to entertain a toddler ?Yeah if anyone has an answer to this I am sure they would be an instant billionaire ..I don’t mean for just 10 mins or something like that .How long can u stay at the park, ow many books can I ever read…how many dora episodes can she watch and how long to play in the outdoor pool.If all I do is only entertaining her , then it wud be okay.

I am a mom/wife /cleaner /knitter(my fav)/folder of clothes /human dishwasher because I have to rinse b4 it goes into the actual DW or else it won’t clean as well….cannot do it all.

Its simply exhausting !

As a result my home is a mess , clothes r washed but remain in the dryer or basket , food is cooked but the curry powders are not put back into shelves they remain on the counter ..making an already tiny work place even congested ..etc.etc…

Ohh i 4got I am also a feeder as in feeding this girl ..which frankly leaves me dead as a doornail…she has had feeding therapies but there is only so much they can do …

Overall she is healthy , that’s what matters ,right ?I know I am lucky ..mean I think of Darfur(courtesy of mr.Clooney) whenever I feel tired and then I scold myself and  go on do it…(sounds like Nike adline) ,   🙂


One response to “Toddler times

  1. My secret is that I don’t like cooking and so I have gotten lightning quick at it!!! When Kiki was little I used to think about how it would be a piece of cake to keep her entertained and that she would enjoy playing with Prithvi – I was dreaming, I think!!!! She wants ME to be her playmate!!!!! That is why I have become a night owl, I guess.

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