These are few of my fav authors

Amanda Quick – Like her arcane society novels.A  female sleuth with powers set in Victorian England I have a confession to make ,I love anything European ,actors ,movies ,stories set there, music .

Sandra Brown-Sometimes boring mostly interesting,her romance novels are okay

Barbara Delinsky -Powerful Writing ,drama with a bit of suspense

Mary Higgins Clark Love her book ,unfortunately finished reading all of it ,actually same for all above authors .In fact all above are a result of exhausting all of Sheldon’s books.

Carol Higgins Clark awesome ever ,page turner

Jodi Picoult-hmm not so much ,…but okay

Nicholas sparks-loved all of his earlier books ,now I feel he is writing with characters who are just skeletons no flesh ,not developing their characters …but his books earlier ones are fantastic

 Not a big fan of romance novels and romantic movies but  loved The notebook …I love reading books that are suspenseful,characters are well written, plots not too predictable..

Sophie Kinsella -Ohhh so funny , but lately I feel she is repeating ..or has run out of ideas

Authors I read as a adolescent

Mills & Boon read it during my vacation when I was in the 11th standard after a few , found it boring but hoped to meet a guy like dat 😉

Authors I loved as single digit aged girl

Of course Enid Blyton her fairy stories about the tree forgot the name ,ohhh they bring back memories,I used to actually search for pixies and fairies .

Agatha nancy drew ,never liked hardy boys though

When I was in the 8th I had the opportunity to read classics like Jane Eyre etc ..because of my BFF ,our school used to give gift certs for the class topper ,so her mom used to buy these books and I would borrow .My fav book and I think the only book I ever read more than once and which actually made me weep over and over is The mill on the floss.

Such affection …love devotion.I wondered how a man could write so well about a girl’s feelings just recently got to         know it was a female author .


One response to “These are few of my fav authors

  1. That’s a great list and now I am intrigued to read Carol Higgins Clark. I used to read a lot until the kids (and now knitting) over took my life. Now it takes me ages to finish one.

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