Went in for a physical yesterday , and just the day before I had gone for a blood test  so all the results wold be available to dr.

When I was in the waiting room , I looked around and realised , nobody wants to be there ,they have to be there.All of them must be having so many problems in their life because one thing I have realised is no one is free of them.Still we do what we have to do and there we all were in the room waiting for our blood to be drawn.

SOme were striking new friendships  just to pass the time some were having frowny faces and reading national geographics ..I was with Dh so I was joking with him about how nice it was to be  w/o Sh …even on an empty growling stomach and the waiting which seemed like infinity 😉

So the next day when I went turns out my pelvic muscles are not strong and thats why I wake up 6-7 times at night and have to pee within 10 mins of drinking liquids.

 ok here ‘s a summary of my reproductive system and why my daughter is truly a miracle.

  • Retroverted uterus , my RE told me I might hv had trouble even if I was fertile because , my uterus is positoned in such a way that I wud hv gotten preg only via the back door
  • PCOS  like a string of pearls in Re’s words
  • a cervix which cannot bear even 1 lbs baby weight..heck I doubt it can bear even weight of a fly
  • one more which I cannot mention ..which guarantees that no way I cud hv eveer gotten preggo(not related to DH ,poor guy)

So now this , I have to be on medication and do kegel  every day several times .WT*%^?What has my reproductive system done that it has gotten weak?It  did nothing !!


One response to “Howdy,Kegel

  1. Bella is definitely the cutest miracle babe! Doing Kegel is such a pain but it works. I had to do it throughout my pregnancy with Prithvi and post partum too because I had become ginormous (gained 45 lbs, ooops!!!). It really helped and I regained control of my bladder and didn’t have any “accidents” after that. I hope you feel better soon!!

    am big crybaby aren’t I ?
    Kegel worked for u ?frankly sometimes I dunno which muscle I am contracting 🙂

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