Lake arrowhead

This long weekend for memorial day , we went to this wonderful place ,lake arrowhead .

Its elevation is  more than 5oo0 ft, we had gorgeous weather, small town feeling with beautiful views and a mini rides park for the kiddos.

Did I mention the shops  😉 awesome , while Dh and Sh went on a mini cruise ,I begged off and stayed behind in  order to do some uninterrupted child-free Dh-free shopping .I bought T-shirts from Van Heusen for $11.00 each for  Dh  ,had a long nice chat with a RN from canada ,it was good. !!I  We headed to a toy shop bought cooking utensils for Sh ,lately she has been showing an interest in this area of imaginary play,so.

Then we headed over to a wondeful bakery had coffee , warm cookies  ,Dh had some tea.We also listened to a live band that was playing hits  and then we started home.Sh was tired because she had been on the go-kart  with me , multiple train rides , …I mean ALL the rides many times  🙂 and of course her cruise for an hour .

We ordered Indian food for t0go from Annapurna

It was a nice weekend .


One response to “Lake arrowhead

  1. I love your blog background!!! Looks like you had such a fabulous weekend and really enjoyed yourselves. What a score at Van Heusen!!

    Please send us some sunshine:(

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