yarn review

On my recent trip to Michael’s while I was browsing I noticed this pattern for a kimono ,it did not use cir’lar needles, nor did it use dpns so I decided to do it.Rarely do I come across garment patterns in the shop that are meant for toddlers and real simple patterns ,and it was free.
I decided that I would the top with the yarn in my stash .Then , it struck that wudn’t it be easier if I just bought the yarn they have specified ,it was right there and I did have a gift card for it.So far ,I have never done a single pattern with that yarn for which it is meant.

Usually use the stash yarn.The stash yarn are the usually ones bought at random visits ,those that are on sale .Never buy yarn at full price or even anything more than $5 .

I decided to indulge myslef this time and bought the yarn.SO no headaches calculating the number of sts needed for the pattern..nothing just use it and wear it right ?!

I love..love this yarn its sooooooo soft and easy to knit with .this is the one I bought in pea green ,I bought 2 balls one of them for 40% off .


One response to “yarn review

  1. That’s going to look cute on her:) Love a good deal on yarn!!

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