• This weighing machine is wrong,it looks like its not been calibrated properly
  • Probably my belts and denim jeans , belt does have a bit of metal and of course denim is heavier than cotton .
  • water retention
  • Probably always been this weight perhaps the previous weighing machine was wrong defintely not gained weight
  • Dryer probably shrunk my  jeans
  • Well, I am fit so its okay
  • Pcos , thats why I am gaining
  • oh its okay , I dont want to become one of those weight obesessed persons.
  • Everyone i know looks fatter than me ,so its ok ,I am probably slim actually

Lots more lies I tell myself,which make life easier for me 😛


2 responses to “Lies

  1. I laughed while reading your list, so funny and so true -I say the same exact things!!! The batteries on our weighing scale died a couple weeks ago and instead of replacing them, I’ve just been in denial!!! The long weekend didn’t help either – think plenty of fresh mini donuts and gooey cinnamon rolls. My sweet tooth is winning again, grrr!

  2. i hv more in stock ..still in development 😉

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