Weight management

Rather  the title  shd be drastic weight loss for me ..

Growing up  I was skinny , real skinny ,would never eat anything ,always playing .

During my teen years my aunt used to make fun of me saying that my breasts looked like two fixtures on a stick..no flesh  anywhere else .

Now , I am fat.Pcos has taken over my metabolism,not only did it affect my fertility ,it has made me into a person having facial hair , mood swings , extreme tiredness ,and body aches .Its horrid.

So…I have decided to do something about it.Used to goto gym regularly b4 Sh was born ..hoping it would help my conception chances ..it never did actually.I am going to try again ..not for a baby but for relief from the symptoms I have and hopefully reduce my weight gain.Today was my first day back at the gym,it was good…felt good that I was finally taking steps to remedy it.


2 responses to “Weight management

  1. Good for you about going to the gym!!! You don’t look overweight AT ALL!!!! I began working out last summer but once the temperature dropped so did my enthusiasm. I’ve become careful of what I eat now since I have a terrible sweet tooth.

  2. same here Preeti, thanx for saying that I dont look over weight 🙂 but I feel that way. Technically am actually not and want to reduce about 15% to get some relief from the symptoms

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