What did I do on Mother’s day?

Woke up to to ginger tea prepared by Dh..without prodding ,begging , threatening him to get me tea.

oh..oh b4 that Dh wished me as soon as I opened my eyes “happy mother’s day”…

Then he woke up Sh and wished me with flowers….

We had plans to go to   artesia,LA..so we quickly got ready …meanwhile DH put the dishwasher …got Sh dressed up..got ready himself.

Then he asked  me to go sit in the car because he had some last minute work and when I went ot the car I found 2 cards one from Dh and one from Sh with a gift card to Michaels ..yaaaaaaaaay….I was superr happy.

As usual we had lunch here and shopped  at pioneer and came right back home .

It was a perfect Mother’s day for us .

More cuteness from the VIP who made me mommy

playing video game with her daddy

eating appalam at the restaurant for the first time and liking it

enjoying her ride to LA

posing with her daddy while he enjoys the spicy thali 🙂


2 responses to “What did I do on Mother’s day?

  1. What an absolutely perfect day!!! You deserved every bit of it:)

  2. thanx preethi… :)how did urs go?

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