I am a queen

San diego has become warm enough for tank tops(bought it here) now…I love yellow color maybe because it was my house color in school ..or perhaps some other reason just like it.

My Dh on the other hand only wants to buy pink for Sh , I put my foot downnnnnn and made him buy this(being doing more of this lately ,not buying asserting )…here she is modeling it ..

This is her first tank top…she has tanned quite a bit ..possibly all the running around at school in the hot sun…

Sweet as she looks she is really all moody n tantrumy inside …evil as as a toddler can be …  😉

Why am I a queen ? check the writing on her top ” Princess in training” 😉


2 responses to “I am a queen

  1. Awww, look at her! She is a princess and looks adorable in yellow:) I’ve tried to step away from the pink too but the cutest stuff for little girls is always pink, have you noticed that?

  2. ohh preethi dh is stuck up on that blue for boys and pink for gals color scheme …he won’t allow me to buy even green..that is why Sh is wearing all-green in mother’s day party in school ,rebellion by me 😉

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