Mother’s day tea party

Today was mother’s day tea party in Sh’s school.

It was awesome..perhaps any adult company is awesome for me ..but I got hold of a  spanish speaking mommy and I spoke n spoke till my mouth started to pain.Then 2k a short break and started again..never mind that she cud speak english only haltingly ..or only I was doing th talking it was F.U.N

Talk to me via phone and you can hear the crickets because phone is the only thing that renders me speechless ..I dunno what to talk at all.

Put me next to a live person ……

Anyway we had lots to eat ….enough pastry to add atleast 2 tires onto a car ;)or a person’s hip.

Took many snaps…

Here below with Oliver at the water table

running around chasing bubbles blown by Mr.Dan

Above standing with Kenna,Mark and Lindsay

With her teacher Ms.Stacey


2 responses to “Mother’s day tea party

  1. I didn’t realize SH went to school! Looks like she and you had a lovely day together:) I am the same way on the phone and get all tongue-tied.

  2. yes she goes to school in the mornings..and on the school bus 🙂

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