What do I want ?

Caution:A whiny post

My Dh is asking me what I want for mother’s day .Previously he used to buy cards balloons ..some gift etc….but this time since he has realised I have a deep desire for certain things he decided to ask me .I am stumped ..what do I really want.

Is it that yarn I salivated over?or..or ..the dresses in gymboree that are way over-priced even on sale..for Sh ?Or eating out ..but where?Mexican…nope ..salads I hate it , anything else is either deep-fried or filled with enough salt to give instant heart-attack…I do like Indian food…but there are hardly any restaurants here.

Or a day away from both of them to be spent as a I wish ..without anyone asking me where is this n that .My Sh crying and her tantrums  , feeding her …I think I will take this.

If I do take this , where do I go.In india perhaps my parent’s home or any one of my cousin’s home ..for that matter I cud go shopping and not put a dent on the bank balance and still feel happy.

Here….nowhere.I do not have close friends here…enough to go spend time with them .

Sometimes I do miss India …this time is one of those.Perhaps I am being whiny ,but I do feel like I need a break from them both.


2 responses to “What do I want ?

  1. That’s not whiny at all!!!! I actually have a deal with Vineet..every two weeks he takes care of the kids on Friday evening and I am free to do whatever I please. Whether it is window shopping or actual shopping or going to a cafe or for a walk or even to the library. I know that it would have been different if I had loads of friends here, but most of my girlfriends also have kids. Once in a while all of us gals get together and go to the movies or go for dinner. Your Mother’s Day presents sounds perfect and will be just what you need to feel refreshed! Enjoy:)

  2. wow thats THE life 🙂
    Dh wud rather gouge out his eyes than be with Sh , she terrifies him ,or rather he gets away by saying that 😉

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