Not mine definitely …I am referring to this   store .

The yarns were beautiful and well arranged and the owner was so kind and very helpful…but I returned home rather bitter and angry because I found the prices well beyond my reach.

Originally I went to purchase  this yarn  Schaefer yarn,Elaine


 …guess what the price was $45 minimum(per ball) and the pattern required 2 balls.

So I stepped into Stacy’s stash where the discount yarn was kept..but it was not at all in order ,most of the yarns were either fur yarns or just 1 ball of  a particular yarn ,was there.

So again I went back and searched to buy yarn that I could at least substitute …nope no such luck there either every yarn ball was $8 minimum..Disappointed I decided to buy yarn for a hat .

Here is where the person helped me and showed what a LYS shd be like ,she guided me as to actually how many balls were needed and was so pleasant .Ended up buying 1 ball…of  this no 212

Then went grocery shopping bought groceries for a week (which included live catfish 3x ) and guess how much the bill was $35 .


Now wud I rather buy yarn to knit a sweater that will cost me about $40 minimum that my toddler will outgrow or buy groceries ,during these recession times??

The luxury yarns can wait..unti them I will always have the chain stores 😉


3 responses to “LYS

  1. The luxury yarns can definitely wait. I always look for good deals when I buy yarn because I feel that if I’m patient enough it WILL go on sale! (Sent you a PM)

  2. Oh preethi I saw ur mail …u really moved me

  3. the luxury yarns shd be proud that you are using them in ur work 🙂 because you use it so beautifully

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