well , well ,well

This week could not have been more busier .My Dh and his BFF  have been discussing about getting flat panel LCD Tv for a realllly long time.

I was opposed to it,frankly any color Tv is ok for me ..no sense in spending 1000+ $$ on a color Tv just because it is  bigger …our old TV  was  fine .

During the vacation the 2  scheming thieves ordered it online and I was ambushed because BBf’s wife also wanted  to buy that TV.

It is this one samsung I am guessing because we paid $1500 for it and we bought this from circuit city.

Then we had to buy the stand and now my Dh came back to Earth and insisted that we would use the old stand…for the first time I put my foot down ..every piece of furniture at home is his decision he kind of sweet talks me into buying whatever he likes ..ALL the time ,I wanted a fabric couch with flowers he bought a leather recliner couch …it does not look pretty at all.

He insisted on buying sensor trash can ..!!! Like that ..u know he does most of the buying decisions ….
When it came to TV stand for the first time I put my foot down and insisted on buying my own choice.
So we spent ton of money and bought      this one

The best part is that I am the one watches TV day n night 😉 he hardly watches ….I am beginning to like the new TV

Once we bought all of it we had to assemble(my Dh is a big  zero  with tools ) and that is what made this week soooo busy and cluttered 🙂


2 responses to “well , well ,well

  1. That’s a gorgeous TV, now you can watch all your fave shows crisper and larger. I had the same problem with couches but I won that war!!! Our current ongoing argument has to do with a iMac.

  2. hey preethi ,its impossible to argue with Dh so I usually just agree ,even when it comes to Sh’ dresses he chooses ..he will sweettalk , argue ,sulk ,do anything and just win the war always ..Imac I had never heard of it until I saw the link ..its a desktop apple computer ..now who wants it ..u or Dh because Mother’s day is right around the corner 😉

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