I love    idlis   in fact I used to ask my mom to prepare it  everyday either that or puttu .SO every single day of life I had idli or puttu …or sometimes dosaiAfter coming to US  my idli troubles started , first of all since I was not used to domestic work ,even cleaning the grinder was a big issue , my Dh had the ones which we can’t tilt I think  Amrutha ,it was not counter top .

Even if I did do the idli it was hard as stone …so I stopped preparing them.If once in a while the idli came out well I had to prepare chutney … so more work idli podi was allowed since  Dh is health conscious .

Slowly I switched to cereals but when that caused a huge weight gain ..etc and I was diagnosed with PCOS ..the cereal was stopped too…right now its oatmeal.

WHen we had gone to DC my lovely new frnd prepared idli…soft as ..well idli…I  ate 10 minimum every chance I got ..she gave me the proportions which surprisingly was the same one I was using before .SHe also gave me this box to store idli dough in.I forgot to mention I use this grinder now

 This is how my idlis looked …  :)…this is borrowed snap BTW..


2 responses to “Idli

  1. My mouth is watering now!! I love idlis because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE any kind of chutney!!!

  2. Preethi , if you stayed nearby I would have shipped to you :), its easy to prepare but tough to get it soft n spongy

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