Any website I visit , I do it mainly to see babies or toddler photos .This obsession with children is not new to me , I have never played with dolls as a child because growing all my friends were boys…and I liked being outdoors all the time …running cycling .

When a chance for adoption arose  I forced my parents to adopt the baby ,but they did not want another one .Once my mom said that I used to even like the kids if they were begging with snot coming out of their noses .It’s true ,I love  children and they are the only ones I can get along with 🙂

So imagine my shock when I got to know abt my reproductive system’s state .Surrogacy is too expensive here and adoption is almost the same .Every time I pick up somebody else’s baby ,the warm body ,sweet smell , smooth skin I imagine they are mine .I kiss them secretly because many mommies don’t like it ;)…

The other day I visited a blog and the mommy had posted a video ,when I saw that I almost felt a mild electricity flowing  thru’ my body .

If everything was well perhaps I wud hv been the first octomom ..who knows 🙂


2 responses to “Babies

  1. I feel for you but you have the most spectacular little baby – SH! She looks so adorable as always and also….in her new blue dress!!! You did it, yeah!!!! Make sure you post lots of pictures of your vacation and have a grand old time. xx

  2. thank u preethi 🙂

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