my first sweater

This one is dedicated to Preethi,an awesome knitter n my blog friend 🙂

Since I knit this one before I had any idea how to do a neck line it may look like a bag but its in fact a sweater only 🙂

Edited to add: 

This started out as a raglan pullover but I had lot of difficulty understanding the neckline(which line?) ,neckedge (which edge)I just assumed and put the remaining neck stitches on the stitch holder  and did it.By the end of it I just wanted to finish the sweater so I did not stitch the sleeves and I made lots of size modifications using buttons as u can see 🙂


2 responses to “my first sweater

  1. Well done!! You did a great job on this and it fits great. SH looks so cute in it! I love all the little buttons you added and the ties at the back. Really nice….congratulations on your first sweater!!!!!

  2. thank you preethi,I am proud of it ,I am watching the link u mailed me for neckline ..its AWESOME 🙂 I intend to knit properly next time

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