Weekend JBF sale

JBF sale is something I am looking forward to this weekend.One time  when went had gone to  our mall ,suddenly my Dh disappeared   while I was searching for him I noticed he was standing inside a huge room filled  with clothes  on hangers, toys etc .

Usually SH never plays with toys but we were told that she needed to be introduced the toys her peer grp played with .We buy expensive ones for her but she always never shows interest and out it goes to SA.

When we saw books and toys lying around for just $1 guess who went crazy 🙂 u r wrong if u thought it was me 🙂
It was Dh ,he is always scared of the next big expense I have in store for him for Sh 🙂
It was awesome , we bought wonderful books ,books like puzzles , I do not think we bought toys ,definitely no dresses .Anyway we spent almost $50 🙂 ..anyway it was 1 year back .
The guy at the front told me  that this is an  annual even and if I registered I would get a e mail when they are in town again , I got the mail :)I felt like i was part of some secret club

Edited to add the update

We went on the first day of the sale but in the evening,nothing was there folks  .apparently they have sale for the consignors the previous  day  b4 the sale opens for the public.

See last time we had attended that sale so we had a huge selection ,it was a coincidence we were there at the right time at the right place  by luck .

So we bought  a dora doll and a book that’s it 😦


2 responses to “Weekend JBF sale

  1. What a fantastic deal the last time, but a bummer this time around. I always love a good bargain!! But I’m sure that SH loves her Dora:)

  2. next time I plan to be consignor 🙂 so that I can be part of pre-sale 🙂 I LOVE a good bargain but more I love shopping 🙂 with a valid excuse 😉