My Dh bought these for me I am not sure of the occasion actually he is the one who introduced me to Bare Minerals(a cry to take  better care of my appearance probably.)

WHile in India the only cosmetic I used was Lakme sun protector.I did buy  an eyeliner once because my friends were buying it but that ended getting dried on my shelf Also there was dried up lipstick from lifestyle which my mother bought for me .

This is my review for  these 2 prods



I use it whenever I am reminded  but I noticed the change just after first few times ,my skin looked better almost clear  I do not have pimples but uneven discolouration .Apparently Dh bought it because they  was a lady in Target touting it as great product ,she was from Boots ™  and they promised a gift if he bought 3 items  I returned the 3 rd item and the gift which was hot pink lipstick 🙂

From the time I landed here this is what I used

It was not creamy and did not make my skin oily I have t-type skin so one portion of my face gets really dry.This helped me quite well it was weightless and had the best SPF at that time.

Last month though I saw this


It is  even better in  that  gets absorbed even faster has a gentle fresh scent and is even more weightless .My skin also looks better .The spf is 40 so I get my sun protection too 🙂


2 responses to “Cosmetics

  1. Nice reviews. I have the worst skin ever! I used the Aveeno stuff a while ago and liked it. I love their hand cream. But I usually use Clinique dramatically different moisutrizer and so far so good.

  2. I chose Aveeno because SH used to use this for bath and I assumed it was only 4 babies ,when I saw their adult line I wanted 2 try it 🙂
    I liked ur skin in the snaps I saw ..its goo-goo- good:)