Peg Perego Si Stroller review

yesterday got it in the mail

Assembling: NOthing much ,just the canopy and basket underneath its a breeze.

Weight: I thought it would be very very light but not so but definitely lighter than chico but more than umbrella-ella-la stroller 🙂

Ease of use: Ok this is where  I kind of am not 100% ok with it.In chicco all you have to do is pull the handle and it just stretches out like an old  lady stretching her legs ,but this one perhaps because I am new to it, I have to press some lever than pull..pull definitely need both hands not impressed .

Let me use it for few more days and perhaps I will learn more

Canopy : Hallelujah..Hallelujah..this is what I have been searching for a loooong time ,this why I bought so many strollers b4.Its great.

Snack tray: None

Seat:there are 3 levels and we can adjust the handle according to our height


2 responses to “Peg Perego Si Stroller review

  1. Your stroller review will be great for moms looking to purchase one for their babies.

    We have the Bugaboo Cameleon for Kiki (in bubble-gum pink no less!), that requires some serious manhandling to setup and dismantle. But I love it because of all the features and gizmos it has. The only thing I regret that it doesn’t have is the snack tray, but I guess that would only make it bulkier!!

  2. OMG !!We I wanted Bugaboo but Dh refused , I like Bugaboo soooo much 🙂 everytime I c one I kind of try to take in all the wonderful cool features on that ..piece of luxury 🙂 stroller
    I have noticed even DH eyeing it everytime he sees one 🙂