Fish curry ,going out ,eating out ..having fun…these are what my family’s weekends are all about

Sh has started to realise that if mommy whips out camera its time to pose ,her bindi(pottu )is on her forehead  but not im the right place.pepto-bismol 🙂 father-daughter at the zoo ,mostly every dress pant top SH owns is this pink

Grey bird ,its so beautiful

Sh always has been a fan of carousels

two lovelies 🙂 , at the petting kraal

Dh ‘s pockets were jingling merrily with ..quarters to buy food for the animals 🙂

Bird aviary walk-in type we had to buy the bird food for $3..

 which was promptly spilt  2 birds fought over who should eat more 🙂

Father -daughter simulataneous smile at their relatives -monkeys 🙂

she /he is so beautiful ain’t she ?

Played in tot area

Probably thinking  y can’t amma keep home as tidy as this bird:)

Last but not least ,fish curry the oil floating is from ths fish ,we buy live catfish from a vietnamese market and cook it right away , also if its oil it EVOO


4 responses to “Weekend

  1. Yum, I love fish curry. Everyone in our family is crazy about seafood and so I am really envious of your weekend meal!!!! Hope you had a lovely time:)

    P.S: I’ve tried cooking salmon curry once we moved to Canada and it’s always a huge flop!

  2. http://kitchenmishmashrecipes.blogspot.com/#keralanonvegetarian
    Check this out preethi how I envy her hubby who gets to eat everything 🙂
    salmon curry has never worked out for me too 🙂

  3. Love the pink and such a beautiful smile!

  4. Hi Anne
    happy 2 c u here on my blog:)..thank you