In-home physical



What does the red bat like tool look like to you?

Well to me n my SH it seems to be a

a stethescope

Yesterday I had complete checkup at home (we are smart that way ,see we never go out instead we consult the dr at home)

I was knitting and suddenly she came to me and started checking my ears

SH: (mumbo jumbo) good ,gr8 !

me: ??

SH: (checks other ear) everything looks fine

SH: open your mouth (apparently stethescope automatically transforms to that mouth thingie)

She pokes well inti the mouth and says

SH: good girl ,looks good.

now again it has become a steth

SH: :Lets check the heart (She places it on my heart area)

SH: good girl ,good job

(Now  checking my eyes )

SH:Looks good

NOW we are done with checkup

This is milestone because  a play involves many levels,previously she did not have any imaginary play at ALL.Then came forced img play, then single step like kissing ELMO .Then again img play was gone ,now its has grown to this place

For example normally a kid will feed her baby give bath put it too sleep,brush its hair ,  thats many steps .In sh case she would not even feed the doll ,probably carry it like an object w/o even pretending its a baby .

like this baby girl does in above link ,SH has never done it .

 playing a dr…….its kind of a growth for her …or too many ear infections 🙂 ,I will take growth


2 responses to “In-home physical

  1. That’s just adorable:) My 2-year-old doesn’t do doll playing very well either, just stripping the doll bare and doing diaper changes. I wonder if that’s all she thinks mom’s are made to do?? But I know the “being mommy to my dolly” stage will come soon enough!!

  2. she is soo cute and her cheeks …..She is beautiful:)