Birth announcement

March 18th …not mine only now,  but a new member of our extended family 🙂  too


A baby girl was born to my SIL and BIL their first child .SIL is incredibly beautiful  ,she has an older sis , OMG she is even more beautiful until you see my SIL again and then you think oh she is more  beautiful and its basically a loop …suffice to say they are both beautiful.   🙂

My MIL is from Kerala another state  in India (speak malalyalam ,a diff language ) settled in TamilNadu  .My SIL is also from there , her family is  settled in coimbatore .

 2k a snap of my SIL …during the marriage honestly IRL she is more prettier than this pix


4 responses to “Birth announcement

  1. Wow, she looks like a princess! Congratulations on becoming an aunt:)

  2. yes my BIL is very lucky 🙂 Thank you 🙂 I will tell him this he will be so proud .

  3. She’s gorgeous!

  4. thank you :),My BIL is very lucky