Bathroom blogger

 that’s me ,I get so many gr8 ideas  once I get out and have the time to blog ..BLANK.When I read my blogs sometimes I feel like its been written by some mentally disturbed person:)

 .disconnected thots ‘ n all 🙂

 spoke to my thatha sterday ,he ‘s at Trichi with my uncle who is an Anesthesiologist in medically he has entire hopspital staff at his disposal but he feels lonely .Everyday his children grandchildren talk to him still …

Talking to him always ensures a dream that night about him n ammachi.Nice dreams …

Ringing him up everyday is a possible but , I can’t do it.I only end up crying because he is suffering so much …can’t let him go either .So calling him once a week works out 4 both  of us.

DH has promised to be at home  2 morrow ,sometimes he is surprised by how happy I am 4 my b’day  week.

SH has school  but she will be back in the afternoon.

My li’l princess , I could bite her and eat her she is so frickin’  cutalicious



2 responses to “Bathroom blogger

  1. I love reading your blog and it’s not one bit disconnected! Keep doing what you do:) I really hope that your grandpa gets better with each passing day xx

  2. You are very kind Preethi ,thank you:)