yes ,mine 🙂
In the past b’days would really not get me excited ,I dunno why.In school I had 2 go  from class 2 class sharing chocs with the other teachers..I dunno why but being an introverted kid this thing never excited me like it did the other kids.
College was different ,it was a time of deadlines for me , entrance exam etc, b’day is Mar 18th so it has always been examination time or study period..

After Sh was born however ..its diff…her b’day only brings sadness to me and I know my Dh really does not like getting old…so mine is definitely enjoyable…

Several demands are made by me 2 my Dh  , even for mundane things like changing SH  diaper its my b’day or giver her bath 2day is my spl day 🙂 u know those kind of things.

Gifts ..of course and ..the knowledge that with every b’day of mine its a milestone, my gal is growing up soon she will be teen adult etc excites me .

AS for me getting older really what so gr8 about being young.My entire teen school age was spent socially crippled because of academics ,job hunting stressful job etc…never went out had fun dressed up etctec….so yeah .
Another grey hair ..another day.

Who cares ?

This year got this


Since I intend to reduce my increasing waistline have a healthy lifestlye , Sh and I  go on   long walks, because I don’t like gym  

We have a Chicco stroller ,had a mia moda stroller , an umbrella stroller but the chicco which we bought when she was an infant is the only one standing.

This one precisely…was the one we bought when she was a baby

The exact color too.:)

Sh was not with us even though she was born so my brain was not really into anything,did research found out this was the best and bought it.

Recently tho’ my wish was to own peg perego si stroller so my Dh bought this for me:)


2 responses to “Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful, special day and enjoy your walks with your sweetheart’s new “wheels”:)

  2. : ) thank you .I saw the new yarn(s), its beauti-fullll:)