Sh talk

 SH is speech delayed this kind of conversation really makes my day a very happy one

Me: what are you doing?
SH:I doing eating

3 going on 18  –  Talking back
Me: Sit properly(She often sits like a W )
SH: All done sit properly(screaming back at me)

… made me laugh ,not because of the errors but because it sounds so cute and the fact I am finally able to ask her something and she is able to respond appropriately


2 responses to “Sh talk

  1. Oh my goodness, that IS adorable. They suddenly wake up one morning and decide to begin talking right. It never ends!!! My 10 year old son talks all the time but I let him because I know that all I can get are grunts in a few years from the teenager that is going to emerge!!!!

  2. .my Dh always talks in grunts ..even now ..:) so perhaps should njoy this before they enter the teens:)
    Thank you for saying its adorable 🙂