Gem Faire

Yesterday we went to Gem faire , I promised my Dh I would n’t spend more than $10 ..that’s not what happened .

We forgot to print the 2 for 1 coupon off the internet so we had to pay for both of us($20 ) + parking which was around $9 ..pretty expensive , for just entering a fair .As soon as we entered  ,I felt like we had  entered a  gem wonderland all shiny  beautiful colorful ,at that moment I felt it was money well spent ..almost mesmerising ..

We saw strands of Garnet






 and so much more ,I hardly knew their names but I did buy whatever was shiny and caught my fancy .By the time we came home my naughty monkey had broken all the strands she had asked me to put around her neck

Kanmani and me came home richer  girls  but Dh came home with his wallet much much lighter 🙂

My princess 🙂

BTW why is it Gem  faire and not Gem  fair ?


2 responses to “Gem Faire

  1. Ooh shiny…looks like you had a wonderful time at the faire/fair, hehehe!!! Your princess looks so gorgeous! Look at that stunning smile, and those eyes!!!! You are blessed:)

  2. 🙂 Thank you so much ,she is a blessing .
    oh ..I love your knits ..its soo beautiful…
    we girls had a gr8 time but paul was trapped with us 🙂