my sweetheart

growing up I always wanted a sister  not a brother, then when i realised I would be the only child I babied my cuzn sister…still do even though she has caused irreversible fractures to my heart.How can we stop loving someone???Or erase their memory , If I could I would erase her anyway,I wanted a daughter ..a girl baby.

I thought I would never get married, simply adopt a gal and make her my own.

I did get married .After my girl was born ,the situation was very complicated I felt like her nurse for almost 2 years and then even now I feel like her therapist… I never enjoy my daughter at all..the one thing I wanted to do for so many years even b4 I got married.

Now once in a while she does something ..OMG my heart it feels full like I got an injection of happiness medicine,whenever I hug her I feel that she is mine ,my own .when my grandma passed away she was I think maybe 16 mos and at that time she was having the maturity of a 9 month old (according 2 experts )..I was just crying my Dh was standing next time not sure what would console me ….this SH goes to the laundry basket gets  a towel and wipes my tears…….a miracle because she could not have copied the action see …and my Dh also was just standing there next to me .

I love you SH ..en Kanmani.


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