Susan Bates knitting needles review

I had to have a separate post for this wonderful pair of needles…its smooth as butter.Initially when I wanted to try my hand at circular knitting ,I imagined it to be extremely complicated for a beginner and I thought buying the best pair of needles for the money I could afford would make it easier for me.

Went to Michael’s and bought this.

Big mistake ,it felt there was sandpaper in the needles , but the reviews I read had given me different picture .So I thought ,maybe I should revert back to aluminuim and went back to the stores .They only carry 29″ how ,so we went to a place called hobby craft or some name like that and bought this susan bates quick silver ,it excellent.YT

This cap was not my first with the circular needles , I also knit a suede hat ,which turned out well…this one not so much .


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