Why did I start knitting?

I finally had reached the place in my life where I could have a hobby


2 responses to “Why did I start knitting?

  1. You have an amazing story. It is plain hard to be in a new place, and add to that your new marriage and then infertility…bless you.

    When I get lonely, I disappear from the rest of the world. I don’t take advantage of the fun things around me. And usually something crafty (like knitting) will pull me out of my loneliness and give me purpose. I understand your comparison. Knitting may not be your companion, but it keeps you from being lonely.

    So nice to have found your blog!

  2. Its because of this author Debbie Macomber that I discovered that knitting might help me .it does…welcome you are the first person to leave a comment 🙂 its so exciting
    You are making so many women suffering from IF dreams come true and thank you for that